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How to Give your Bedroom the Nordic Look

Nordic style is classically calming and soothing, so there is no better place for it than in the bedroom. A pared back aesthetic sets a space that is focused on rest, away from the distractions of the world. The best thing is that this simple look is relatively easy to achieve, even on a tight budget.

Whiten Up

Not every bedroom needs to be white to achieve a Scandinavian look, but it helps! Light is a really important part of the Nordic look, given the long cold winters up north. I personally find cool whites a very restful colour too. You can break up all the white with some warm wood or a textured throw or rug like these pictured.

Add Texture

Of course all that white would be pretty stark if it weren't warmed up with some rich, luscious materials that bring depth and interest to the room. I think this is a pretty essential part of ANY interior styling I do, Scandi or not, but this is especially important when you're trying to create a sense of 'hygge' (cosiness) in the bedroom. You want your bed to be a place you just want to crawl into at the end of the day, and making it inviting definitely helps. This beautiful chunky grey knit pictured is a great way to add texture, as are layers of cushions, or natural materials like wood or wool.

Add Some Greenery

Not only do plants look great and bring a little life to an otherwise stark colour palette, they are good for you too! Plants purify the air and so are perfect for the bedroom. Just make sure they get enough light and you don't forget to water them (they often get overlooked on my watering tours around the house!).

Go Monochrome

Adding some dark elements to a white space can really help to anchor it and give it a modern Scandi vibe. I used to be scared to use black in interiors, and now I use it everywhere! It's as easy as adding some black and white art or even just painting a piece of furniture matt black yourself!

Add Some Mid Century Pieces

Nordic designers had a big influence on Mid-century interiors and furniture worldwide. The clean lines, use of natural materials and simplicity of the classic pieces from this era (from designers both in and outside Scandinavia) has given them enduring popularity in contemporary Scandinavian homes. Use them in moderation, though, or your look will veer more towards a 1950s period piece. I think they are great for bedroom as you don't have to buy many pieces of furniture, just a funky night stand can be enough!

Finally, keep it tidy!

I know, I know, this isn't easy! But I promise it will make a huge impact on your headspace and 'rest space'. Having enough storage and keeping things minimal will really help your rest when your field of vision isn't cluttered.

Hope this helps bring some Nordic inspiration to your bedroom!



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