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6 Ways to Hygge

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

If I say I love Scandinavian design, there is just no escaping writing a post about Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’).

Hygge is basically a Danish concept which applies to wellbeing and living happier in general, with a focus on togetherness, warmth and joy. The concept certainly carries into Danish decor as well. Think of a cosy room with a fireplace or candles, warm rugs and textured pillows filled with close family and friends. It's basically the concept I have built my whole online store on!

I only just got on the bandwagon of actually reading Meik Wiking’s Book – The Little Book of Hygge, but it’s a well published area now (at least ten books I know of that have been published in 2017 alone) so I encourage you to read further if you want to know more about this concept.

For now, here are 6 inspiring ideas to add a little hygge to your own home.

Light up

Nothing says Hygge like the relaxing, soft light of some candles or even better, a warm fireplace. Use warm scents like cinnamon for winter or something fresher and more floral for summer. I find simple white candles are always a good pure option for the real Scandi touch.

Embrace texture

Nordic interiors often carry neutral palettes and plenty of white and neutral colours, so using different textures is a great way of adding interest to what could otherwise be a bland room. Thick textured knits, rough wood, linen, faux furs and throw rugs are all great ways to add depth and warmth to a room. Check out our range of hygge worthy textiles, like the ones pictures above at our living room shop.


Marie Kondo has been taking the world by storm with her decluttering manifesto, but the Nordic style has long been an advocate of minimalist, clean spaces. Nothing says peace and serenity like a tidy space, populated with a few simple items that bring you joy.

Get close to nature

Scandinavians love the outdoors and why wouldn’t they? Being outside amongst beautiful forests, lakes, mountains and the seaside gives us an unrivalled feeling of wellbeing. It makes sense that they want to incorporate natural elements into their interior designs as well. Embrace big windows to let the outside in and think pale wood, and a scattering of pot plants.

Look at what you love

Following on from decluttering and the art of happiness in interior design is filling your home with things you love. So easily our homes become crammed with things we just have, but don’t really take joy in. Hygge is much easier to feel in a place curated by much loved decorative items, photographs and keepsakes that aren’t hidden in the clutter.

Gather your friends

Finally, make your space one of hospitality. Hygge is best when shared with others – the feeling of relational warmth with your family and friends gathered around in conversation over tea or a good meal. Make your space a welcoming one that people want to linger in. After all, loved ones are the best things to fill your home with.

Hope these tips help you to bring some cosy into your life.

Happy Hygge-ing!


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